Macadamia Nut


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Our goal is to get a happy tree in the ground producing and thriving year after year for you and your family! The more trees in the ground the better. Let’s create a community that is food resilient.

This is a service in South Florida. If you are ordering from outside Palm Beach or Martin county, then you may be subject to a travel fee. We do not deliver and plant in some places in North FL.


This fruit tree will include delivery, prepping the space, and planting your tree. This also comes with our guidance while on-site as to where your tree will be happy long term, get sunlight , etc. We have found even with the best intentions, sometimes new growers will plant trees not properly or in a spot that won’t make it as it grows. We are here to help see around those corners and make sure your tree thrives and produces! We will also amend the soil with organic compost and oak mulch to ensure the tree can retain moisture and get nutrients throughout the season! Looking forward to helping you take your yard to the next level!

We will have your tree ready in the nursery for 30 days after purchase. Feel free to reach out to set up an appt, OR come by during our two main pick up times: Tues AM and Sat AM. We would appreciate it if you can meet us then! Looking forward to helping you take your yard to the next level!



  • Fruits in 2-3 years
  • ~2ft tall


  • Fruits in 1-2 years
  • ~4ft tall


  • Fruits within the year
  • ~6ft tall


  • Special order
  • Contact us
Fruit Tree Size

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