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Serving South Florida

Let’s create the garden of your dreams

So you and your family can be eating the best, most organic food possible – the way Nature intended.

Our promise is simple.

We build your garden from the ground up – and we cover everything from design, installation, maintenance, and harvesting. That means you get an all-inclusive maintenance program that provides education alongside amazing results.

Services include

  • 2X Monthly Visits from our skilled teammates
  • Crop rotation for Summer and Fall seasons

  • Organic compost and fertilizer

  • Watering

  • Aeration of soil

  • Organic fertilizer

  • Mulching and pruning

  • Weeding & Cleanup

  • Replenishing seeds after harvests

  • Pruning and thinning for optimal growth

  • Trellis and cage support

  • Pest prevention

  • Email updates in between visits

  • Video knowledge base on how to grow

What's it going to cost?

Every situation is different, which is why your garden is priced on a per-case basis  – depending on factors like the square footage of the garden and what fruits and vegetables you want to be growing.

But remember . . . We come by your house every other week to make sure your garden is thriving. And after each visit, we send a detailed email outlining what we did and giving some additional tips and suggestions.

We are always available to answer your questions and empower you in the garden so you can learn and get better each season.

All you need to do is choose the plants you want.

  • VEGETABLES (Winter)

  • VEGETABLES (Summer)



  • Amaranth

  • Blue Butterfly Pea
  • Brazilian Spinach
  • Celosia
  • Cow Pea  (soil rejuvenation)
  • Cranberry Hibiscus
  • Culantro
  • Egyptian Spinach
  • Ginger
  • Hot Peppers
  • Jicama
  • Katuk
  • Longevity Spinach
  • Okra
  • Oregano
  • Ginger
  • Parsley
  • Roselle
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Seminole Pumpkin
  • Sun Hemp (soil rejuvenation)
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Thyme
  • Turmeric
  • Watermelon
  • Winged Beans
  • Yard long beans


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"I’ve always wanted an edible organic garden, but didn’t think I could do it alone.
When I started to look around for help, Jack with Urban Abundance came highly recommended. Jack was very responsive and made suggestions to come up with a plan that would make it easy to succeed. Jack and the team are genuinely good people, very knowledgeable, and their passion shows in their workmanship. They installed avocado trees, berry bushes, two preserved cedar beds with a variety of plants, drip irrigation, and rabbit fencing. I’m very pleased with the way it turned out and look forward to the harvest. Thanks again for the great experience!"

Jan H

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"Before Jack from Urban Abundance installed my garden, I had never gardened before AT ALL.
Now I am OBSESSED as although it is a bit of work, it is fun and rewarding to literally pick your own salad every night before dinner. Tomatoes, arugula, mint, broccoli, eggplant, green beans, rosemary, and more! Jack makes it so easy as he builds it and irrigates the whole garden with your customized choices and then gives you tips on how you can be successful even if a newbie like me. Love the trees too and can't wait for avocados, lemons and bananas!"

Miki Leibowitz

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"We are so excited about having fresh, organic produce right in our back yard!?

Joanna Kaiser

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"I always wanted an edible, organic garden but I had no idea what I was doing.
I always wanted an edible, organic garden but I had no idea what I was doing. Having Jack's team come out and teach me what to look for in my garden has made all the difference. I now feel confident that I won't be killing my plants!"


Kyle Pinon
Kyle Pinon
Urban Abundance is fantastic to work with. Jack is an incredible guy who has a true passion for his work, and it shows. We had them create us raised bed garden and use their service to help care and look after it. We are impressed all around and highly recommend them.
Hillary Bale
Hillary Bale
I love my veggie garden! Jack and his team are the best!
Heather Pinon
Heather Pinon
I've been a Garden Member for almost year now and I'm very happy with the service. Prior to using UA, the garden bed I did on my own never thrived and I was getting frustrated. I abandoned that project and decided to get some professional help. My new raised bed was installed by Urban Abundance last winter, and they did a fantastic job. With the monthly garden service, they work with me to select what goes into the bed and help maintain it. For me, the beggest benefits have been the routine fertilizing with all organic products and amending the soil between seasons.
Jennifer De La Garza
Jennifer De La Garza
My husband and I met farmer Jack a year ago and have been so blessed by him and the entire Urban Abundance Team. We now have fresh food in our back yard. The team comes to our home twice a month to service the garden and helps us with tips on when to harvest and what we can cook. They have responded to every question and request. After every visit we receive an email with a full report on what they did that day. Our favorite time of year is the winter garden as I can go in the back yard and cut all my items for a fresh salad.
Mark Hektner
Mark Hektner
Beautiful and delicious organic garden
Kyle Pinon (Kyliewyotie)
Kyle Pinon (Kyliewyotie)
I purchased a consultation as a surprise Christmas gift for my wife. She had been trying to get a solid garden going to help feed out animals and thought some help would be appreciated. The consult was fantastic with helping with general knowledge and suggestions on what we had going. We got a qoute for a raised bed garden with drip irrigation. The price was reasonable and decided to go for it. We are very happy we did! It was completely turn key, and the process was a pleasure. Jack and his team did a fantastic job!
Kim Campo
Kim Campo
Jack and his team installed three customize-sized raised beds with irrigation system and they turned out beautifully. They delivered as promised and we could not be happier. Jack is so hands-on and very responsive. We are so glad we found them. Thank you Urban Abundance!!!!!!!!
Kevin macLean
Kevin macLean
Jack and the team are green-thumb wizards. Let them do the magic 🪄 🪴
Joey M
Joey M
Jack and his team did an incredible job installing my raised veggie beds! I would highly recommend to anyone considering starting their own garden, they make it so easy and seamless and are very knowledgeable about local plants.
Tricia Stachowski
Tricia Stachowski
Jack and his team are experts! We had such a great experience with the first garden bed Urban Abundance installed earlier this year, we just had a second one put in. Growing delicious fruits, veggies and herbs was intimidating but Jack gave us the tools to have a thriving garden!


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