We deliver and plant fruit trees for the local community. We will come to your house and plant whatever fruit trees you’d like with our professional guidance. We have servicing options too to keep them happy and productive!


Jupiter and Surrounding Areas

Martin, Palm Beach, & Broward Counties

We are so excited about having fresh, organic produce right in our back yard!


Produce Abundance

Fruit trees are your long term ROI in growing food at home. Not only are they a beautiful addition to your yard but they are an extremely productive part of the system! In just a few years of growth, you will be rewarded with more food than you can eat in a season. The best time to plant a tree is NOW!

Create Habitat

Our grassy lawns are barren and depleted of life. We constantly have to feed and revive them. Trees provide shade protection, wind protection and places for animals to nest. The canopy layer of the system is just as important as the food below.

Build Soil

Soil is everything, and we are committed to making it more fertile over time. We are making this happen by planting species that thrive in our sandy, alkaline soil with the use of local and natural mulch.


Our goal is to get a happy tree in the ground producing and thriving year after year for you and your family! The more trees in the ground the better. Let's create a community that is food resilient.

There two options for you when buying your new fruit trees. The first option, Delivered and Planted includes a service where we deliver and plant the tree for you! We will also give pro guidance on placement, amend it properly with compost and mulch, and give you a great start to your planting plan. The second option, Just The Tree is where you can just pay for the tree and pick up at our shop in Jupiter Farms. Feel free to inquire about delivery options if you are close by, but picking up is optimal. We do not deliver and plant in some places in North FL.


Delivered and Planted


Delivered and Planted


Delivered and Planted



Garden Maintenance

Servicing Membership

Join our all inclusive maintenance program that provides education and support to get amazing results for your veggie garden, fruit trees, or edible landscape!

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