Whatever scale, we can create an organic, edible and living ecosystem in your yard.

This is not for those who worship grass - it’s for those who appreciate biodiversity and showering yourself in abundance!


Jupiter and Surrounding Areas

Martin, Palm Beach, & Broward Counties

“I’m sick of mowing this yard and watering this grass.”

“How can I lower my carbon footprint?”

“What’s even possible?”

“How do I create better soil on my land?”

“What kind of cut flowers can I grow for my wife?”

“I want to start farming but I don’t know where to start!”



We design and develop holistic, turnkey food forest systems. With your vision and our qualified professional experience, we can create the organic homestead of your dreams. Imagine walking out your door and having access to the most nutrient dense fruits and vegetables you’ll ever eat. Our concept is to maximize production while working towards self sustainability. We take into account all the variables a new grower may overlook, making sure your food system has longevity and resilience.

Because plants sequester CO2, we have the opportunity to make a big impact on saving the environment..

Join the #GrowFoodAtHome movement with us!


Urban Abundance comes from years of worldwide permaculture experience. We take pride in our methods, designs and plants and we go above and beyond to do things holistically. We believe in working with nature to ensure that your system won't suffer from an imbalance. Let's get creative! We are here to make your dreams come true.


There are so many varieties of edible species in South Florida that you can't find at the grocery store. In addition to variety, we provide with you a level of organic and freshness that is near impossible to achieve from the store. We're excited to expand your knowledge and your taste buds of all the incredible food that is out there! Some of our favorites include chaya, mulberries, pigeon peas, strawberry fruit and Barbados cherry!


We are so lucky to live in the subtropics because we get to enjoy so much variety! Our ecosystems create a lush and beautiful tropical paradise. We promise you will be surrounded by so much beauty!


Habitat is essential for healthy plants and creating balance in the garden. Most landscapers destroy habitat, but we encourage and preserve it. Every plant provides a home for insects and organisms to enjoy and contribute to the progress and life of the ecosystem.


This is yours to enjoy and be a part of. Gardening prompts a beautiful lifestyle and experience. Planting is just the first step - harvesting is the rest! It comes with a lot of education and the best way to learn is to be immersed in it. You will pick up the necessary skills and habits to become a smart gardener, and we are here to empower and support you on your journey!

Jack and his team are AWESOME!

We love our garden space and are having great success. Jack was there in the beginning, during installation & continues to be available with answers to our questions, pro tips & encouragement. We highly recommend Urban Abundance!





Share your dreams. We'll come out and view your property, identify your needs and answer all your questions. Your consultation fee will be used towards your final quote.



& Quote

Envisioning your needs, Farmer Jack will create a custom design and quote for your space.



Creating your future starts with putting the best plants and seeds in the ground!



& Grow

As your soil builds and your plants grow, your edible landscape is now becoming a beautiful space for food, habitat and sequestering carbon.


Harvest Abundance

Congratulations, you have joined the #GrowFoodAtHome movement!


Farmer Jack

Farmer Jack comes from years of worldwide permaculture experience, where his love for growing his own food was born. His passion for using holistic and organic methods from start to finish is what brings the value of his craft to the next level.

Jack's mission is to make our community and our world a better place. As a dreamer and a doer, his knowledge and expertise will undoubtedly get us there. 

The Team

The Urban Abundance team is composed of talented and passionate individuals from all walks of life who share the same love for nature and the power that lies in the ability to grow food at home. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty and we are firm believers that nothing is impossible. 

We are visionaries, crafters, creators, businessmen (and women), gardeners, healers and go-getters.

Jack and the team are such a joy to work with!!!

Extremely knowledgeable and passionate to spread the knowledge.  From soil health, to edible landscaping, and sustainable solutions for your home, there is nothing better than the fresh, organic goodness they work with the earth to provide.





On-Site Walk-through

  • Set Intention
  • Vision / Game Plan
  • High Level Approach



We'll come out and view your property, identify your needs and answer all your questions.



Custom Landscape Design

  • Design To Scale
  • Plant Lists & Pricing
  • Visuals & 3D layouts



Invoiced after Consultation

This custom design can take Farmer Jack and our designers up to 40 hours to put together. our team will get started on the visual layout and detailed plant breakdown! 4 weeks later, we'll present to you the design and give you proposals for all the installation work.



Plant Abundance

  • Project Management
  • Install Landscape
  • Grow!



Quote given with Design

The Landscape Design is yours to keep, whether we do the installation or you do it yourself. We will give you a proposal for all the installation work and if approved, we can get started on your dream yard!!

"Living in a food forest is such a gift!

I'm so excited to bring this service to our communities and help others become totally immersed in the growing process. These beautiful edible landscapes aren't only productive and functional, but they provide a direct connection to the natural world! This service is for someone inspired and willing to take growing food at home to the next level!! We're excited to work with you and simply get you the results you are looking for when it comes to growing Abundance!"

- Farmer Jack

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