I grew up as a domesticated, oblivious kid in suburbia in North Palm Beach, FL. I believe that I wasn’t really immersed in to the natural world until 2013 when I “woke up” as one might put it. It was then that I decided I didn’t want to work for the Man and I had to totally opt out of the System.

I dropped out of my second year at Florida Gulf Coast University, packed my backpack and hit the road. Just a couple months after taking the leap, I started WWOOFing (work-traded on organic farms) all over the world. I immediately fell in love with working with the land! I double-dug beds in Sweden, foraged wild mushrooms in Germany, picked olives in Italy, picked coffee beans in Hawaii, and more. I’m truly blessed for all these experiences.

While I was travelling and gaining experience in my future field, the food-growing industry, I quickly realized how destructive agriculture actually is. Fortunately, I learned from some amazing farmers and read dozens of books on the subject. I began to realize that there are alternative farming methods that can be used to BUILD SOIL and CREATE ABUNDANCE at the same time. My goal is to really bring this wisdom to our culture, or should I say bring this wisdom back to our culture!

Ever since I got back to my hometown from my travels in 2016, I decided to start an edible landscaping company (before I even knew what that was!). I honestly just wanted to help everyone grow their own food. Food miles were going to soon be a thing of the past!

Four years later, we have a ways to go with replacing our current unsustainable food system, but at least over 100 home vegetable gardens and countless fruit trees have been installed in my area! I’m proud of what we do. We are turning families who never once cared for or understood plants to successful green thumbs . They are harvesting for their home-cooked dinners and loving it!

This brings me to my newest project that started in 2018… the Urban Abundance Farm! One of my clients I built a garden for donated her backyard in Jupiter for us to model a biointensive, beyond-organic farm with permaculture principles! I’m super excited about expanding this project, but to be honest, I hope this is the first of MANY hardcore endeavors in backyards in Florida!

Moving forward, my main goal is to literally change the way people think of “outside”. I’d love more people to see this “outside” as a potential ABUNDANT PARADISE for all of us to enjoy!

I invite you to create models with me to show people how to do it.

Let’s start planting!!